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 Thorpe Park

Park Information
Type: Amusement Park/Thrill Park
Owner: Merlin Entertainments
Opened: 1979
Photographs donated by: Ian, Ollie, Slappy McGuire, Saw_gameover

Thorpe Park started life in 1979 on the site of a former gravel pit and was billed as a water themed park. Over the years, the park added many family attractions such as the rapids, log flume, a carousel, a farm, and (in today's terms) some tame coasters. The first decade and a half saw Thorpe Park make great use of the lakes surrounding the park with such rides as a viking row boat and bumper boats.

It wasn't until 2000 when the Wicked Witches Haunt (ghost train type ride) caught fire demolishing several buildings did the park start it's transformation into a thrill park. In came Detonator, the Magic Mill was removed and new themed areas started to appear.

When the ten-times-looping coaster, Colossus opened in 2002, this world record coaster put Thorpe Park hot on the heels of Alton Towers as the UK's premier thrill park. Over the next few years, several more meaty and thrilling coasters - Stealth, and Saw for example - were added and Thorpe Park brought some new ride concepts to the UK in the form of Rush and Slammer.

Thorpe Park is certainly worth a day out if you enjoy thrill rides, although families may be better suited to Chessington or Legoland. Despite being a few areas for youngsters, the atmosphere may not be the best for them, after all there are a lot of big rides which they will not be able to go on.

Halloween is worth checking out at Thorpe Park. They do a 12 hour opening day and add some scary mazes, enough to make grown men jump out of their skin!

Food at the park is typical theme park fare, with brands such as Burger King and KFC, although there are healthy alternatives if you can hunt them down. Staff are how you'd expect a large chain park to be - efficient, polite at point of contact and helpful.

There is a parking charge, which Premium Merlin Annual Pass holders are exempt.

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Thorpe Park
Staines Road
KP16 8PN

0870 444 4466


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