27 Oct, 16
  Tomb Blaster

Take a seat in an "utility vehicle" and travel through an enchanting tomb, shooting the mummies and monsters on the way! Can you get the top score?

Type: Dark ride
Manufacturer: Mack

Tomb Blaster has evolved over the years. It originally opened as Fifth Dimension based on a story of a TV repair robot and subsequently became Terror Tomb, which was based on a thief trying to raid a tomb. It is now in it's third - and best - incarnation.
There is a very loose story to the ride. Adventurers head on a journey through a series of vaults using a laser gun to rid the tomb of evil. Small LED targets illuminate on various models of mummies, scarabs and snakes. Shoot the target to "kill" the bad guys and earn yourself a high score.
As the train delves deeper into the tomb, the story unfolds and the various scenes become grander. Scenes include a crypt, a revolving tunnel, decaying mummies and snake pits.
In order to get a high score on this ride, we recommend sitting towards the front of the car so you have an opportunity to shoot the targets before the rest of the train.


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