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Like many of Alton Towers' rides, Oblivion was a world first. When they were building the ride, the whole concept was shrouded in secrecy. Security Guards patrolled the area outside the building site and told people to keep away from this top secret site.

Type:  Vertical/Beyond Vertical Drop Coaster
Manufacturer:  B&M
Opened:  14th March 1998
Height:  Around 65'
Drop:  180'
Speed:  68mph
Length:  1222'
Drop Angle:  87.9°
Other:  World's first vertical drop coaster.

When the ride opened in 1998, riders were greeted with a huge roller coaster with a vertical drop that plunges straight down into a big misty hole and then disappears!

Welcome to Oblivion!

The whole ride is themed around fear. Throughout the queue line, video screens inform the rider that they may not return but the ride is perfectly safe. From where you queue you hear the screams of riders suddenly disappear as they plunge into the dark, misty hole. Some people say this coaster this is a one-trick pony, but what a bloody good trick it is! Awesome!
Oblivion is subject to a noise restriction order following a long legal battle with park neighbours, The Ropers. During the first few seasons of the ride, a "Don't Look Down" voice-over was shouted at the top of the drop. Signs on the ride also discourage riders from unnecessary screaming.


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