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Designed by B&M and Tussuad's 'imagineer' John Wardley, Air is a world's first. Air is a coaster that gives riders the sensation of flying. Unlike the meaty Nemesis which resides near to Air, this ride is a a more gentle sensation. In order to to give the rider the impression they are flying like a bird, the ride features swooping elements and an inversion called "fly-to-lie" where the rider is transformed from the flying "Superman position" to where they are on their backs facing the sky.




Type:  Flying Coaster
Manufacturer:  B&M
Opened:  16th March 2002
Height:  65' 7"
Cost:  £12 Million
Speed:  46.6mph
Length:  2755' 11"
Inversions:  Fly-to-LieInline Twist, Lie-to-Fly
Other:  Prototype Flying Coaster

The ride and concept works very well. If it's a gorgeous sunny day you might, just maybe, think that you are flying when you've got nothing by blue, open sky in in front of you. Go on, let yourself go...

There is a separate queue line for the front row but many enthusiasts believe the best riding experience is on the back row. Queues can get fairly lengthy for this ride so it's best to do it early on in the day.


Review of Air by CF member Kebab


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