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Man dies at Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica, Benidorm, Spain

An 18 year old man from Iceland was killed after he was ejected from the Inferno roller coaster mid-ride.

Inferno is an Intamin ZacSpin ride that takes riders 83 ft (25 mtrs) above ground then descends through a series of hairpin turns reaching a top speed of 37 mph (59 kph).

Spanish authorities and the park have not released any information regarding the cause of the accident. Inferno remains closed whilst an investigate takes place.

Although this incident is tragic, it is worth remembering that coasters are incredibly safe. Hundreds of thousands of people ride the thousands of amusement rides every day without problem. Accidents are incredibly rare.

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Two Injured in Ninja Derailment at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain, California USA

Ninja, an Arrow Dynamics Swinging Roller Coaster, has derailed due to a reported tree timber which had fallen on top of its tracks.  Photos from the scene have shown the front-most car having jumped the track, with a large tree leaning against the track.

All riders were safely rescued from the train, with two guests being hospitalized for minor injuries.

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"Ultimate coaster" at Gardaland 2015

Gardaland, Castelnuovo del Gard, Italy

Construction work has started on Gardaland's new rollercoaster. The park has released several images showing ground clearance works. Gardaland is remaining tight-lipped about the ride but are promising something "most grandiose and breath-taking rollercoasters, absolutely unparalleled in Italy."

The ride will be built by Swiss manufacturers Bollinger & Mabillard. It will be the most expensive investment at the park and coincides with Gardaland's 40th anniversary. Crypically, the ride could be themed to the park's origins. In a press release, Gardaland said, "The most incredible and mysterious adventure began 40 years ago, that seems nowadays related to the development of the new rollercoaster…" The coaster, which by the sounds of it will be orange in colour, is due to open in 2015.

Gardaland coaster construction work begins.

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Hot potato coaster coming to Ireland!

Tayto Park, County Meath, Ireland

Tayto Park, north of Dublin, have been granted permission to build a new wooden rollercoaster! The coaster will be the tallest , fastest and largest rollercoaster in Ireland.

The coaster will be designed by The Gravity Group. The park says it will be 32m (105 ft) high, between 1.1-1.4 km (3609-4593 ft) long and have a top speed just under 100kph (62mph). Although the ride is currently unnamed, it is scheduled to open around Easter 2015.

Congratulations to Tayto Park for taking a brave step forward by building a woodie. Hopefully neighbouring UK parks will soon wake up and follow suit.


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Hurricane to turn into a spinning tornado

Adventureland, NY, USA

Adventureland in New York has announced a new coaster for the 2015. However, to make room for the new Mack Rides Twist coaster, the park will be removing the 23 year old Hurricane coaster.

The new coaster will be the tallest and fastest rollercoaster Adventureland has ever built.

The park is running a competition to name the coaster. Locals can submit suggestions through the Adventureland website for a chance to win a three year season pass! That's a lot of riding!

Dismantling of the Hurricane will begin at the end of the year and the new coaster is expected to take two months to build. It will open in spring 2015.

New coaster at Long Island. ©Adventureland

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Goliath sets big world records

Six Flags Great America, IL, USA

Rollercoaster history was made on June 19th when the world's tallest, fastest and steepest wooden rollercoaster opened at Six Flags Great America.

Guests reportedly queued up to three hours on opening day to enjoy Rocky Mountain Construction's latest twice-inverting masterpiece. With a height of 165 ft (50.3 mtrs) and a 180ft (54,8 mtrs), 85° drop, Goliath reaches a top speed of 72 mph (116 kph).

The coaster was designed by Alan Schilke who also designed Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City and X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. If you check out our YouTube channel you can find an interview with Schilke and other Goliath media day coverage.

Ian From CoasterForce made the 4,000 mile trip from the UK to ride it (see video on right), so what's you're excuse for not riding it yet?

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Thunderbolt creates a storm!

Luna Park, NY, USA

Luna Park and Zamperla opened their $10,000,000 new coaster on June 14th. 

Thunderbolt is an out-and-back steel rollercoaster with a vertical lift hill, a 90° drop and non-stop coaster action from start to finish.

This coaster is extreme, with riders enduring intense inversions and immense airtime, leaving them feeling vulnerable. Of course it's safe, the unique restraint and harness system keeps riders secure.

Thunderbolt costs riders $10 to ride and is not currently included on the park's ride wristband - costing each guest 17 cents a second! The first-of-it's-kind coaster has a top speed of 65 mph (105 kph) and a height of 125 ft (38 mtrs), making it the fastest and tallest coaster at Luna Park.

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Wonder Mountain's Guardian's a Blast!

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

A new one-of-a-kind attraction opened this weekend at Canada's Wonderland. 

Wonder Mountain's Guardian is part roller coaster, part dark ride and part 4D shooter - with a surprise ending (that we won't spoil here).

The unique interactive ride sends passengers, armed with laser pistols, on a journey up, around and into the mountain where they battle creepy creatures and menacing monsters before facing a fire-breathing dragon in his lair.

The $10 million attraction features the longest interactive screen in the world, measuring 472 ft (144 m) in length, which will allow the park to change the projections to zombies during Halloween Haunt.

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Story Land Roars To Life With New Coaster

Glen, New Hampshire, USA

Story Land opened Roar-O-Saurus today, their GCI family coaster that is sure to be a huge hit with new riders and experienced coaster enthusiasts alike. Never before has a wooden coaster offered so many thrills in such a small package.

The coaster stands just 40 feet tall, but provides riders with a dozen unique moments of airtime, including one in a tunnel, as it twists and turns around and through itself over 1,242 feet of track.

There are also animatronic dinosaurs, including a huge Brontosaurus chomping on a tree, that greet you as you approach the coaster. But the real star of the show is "Rory", the Stegosaurus styled train that takes you on the most exhilarating ride the park has ever offered.

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Lightning Run POV Released

Kentucky Kingdom, Kentucky USA

This is it.

After much anticipation and thrill of the announced reopening and renovation of Kentucky Kingdom, the park has released a POV of its new steel coaster Lightning Run.  This is the first "Hyper GT-X" roller coaster, designed by Chance Rides.  And standing at 100 ft. while reaching 55 mph - does it pack a punch!

Feel free to share your thoughts on Lightning Run in the constructrion thread on the Forums.

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Thunderbolt construction update

Luna Park, NY, USA

Construction of the new $10m rollercoaster for Luna Park on Coney Island in New York is well underway.

When finished in time for early summer, Thunderbolt will stand at 125 ft (30 mtrs) tall and travel at a top of speed of 65 mph (104 kph) over 2,000 ft (609 mtrs) of track.

CoasterForce's East Coaster General visited the park and filmed a video of the ride under construction. The iconic vertical lift hill is in place, just the out-and-back section which will feature vertical loop, an immelmann and corkscrew elements are left to go!

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