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Continuing with the major rebranding that Paultons Park is going through, several other cosmetic changes are in the pipeline for the family-run theme park.

This season saw the opening of the Peppa Pig World. Throughout this season the information signs throughout the park are being updated, a new maintenance building is being constructed and a new, swanky entrance plaza is on the cards.


Signage isn't massively important to 90% of theme park goers (except for the information!), but those who like a uniform appearance and branding throughout a park will be pleased to know that the old dated, simple looking signs are being replaced one-by-one with the new "star burst" style signs. The image below shows old vs. new.

Paultons Park signs


Let's face it. The current entrance seems a tad dated and hasn't altered much since the park opened in the mid-80's. With newly found national recognition, Paultons Park needs a entrance to bring it up to date.

Plans were submitted to the local authority in January 2009 (not a typo!) and were given the rubber stamp approval in March 2009. Obviously the construction of Peppa Pig World took priority which is why the work on the new entrance is yet to begin.

The current admissions and retail area will be turned to 90°, guests will walk from the car park towards the entrance along a tree-lined avenue.
Paultons entrance

All car parking will be be accessed to the left of the bridge (which leads towards the current main car park). This is commonly known as the overflow gravel parking. The gravel will be tarmaced. Hurrah! No more chipped paintwork. The number of regular car parking spaces will remain at 1,030 although disabled spaces will be increased by 6 to 27.

The new building will feature larger retail units, a new customer service desk and ticket kiosks. Have a look at the plans...
New Paultons entrance

The building will be more open planned and airy than the current one and feature several glass skylights. A large sail type sculpture is on the roof, a nod towards the local maritime heritage.

You can get a better idea from this birds-eye view plan and see the addition of a water feature.
Paultons entrance

It is currently unclear when work will begin on the new entrance building, although "later this year" is the best guess; the park could not confirm a start date. The park is open throughout the year and with the added footfall thanks to the popularity of Peppa Pig World, construction may be difficult.

The Waggoners Restaurant near the entrance will also be refurbished.


Due to the dry weather and adventurous children, some of the grassy mounds are now quite patchy and bare looking. Paultons Park will resurface the grassy mounds with astro-turf, similar to what is used in the play area. Low borderline fencing will line the mounds to create definition.

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