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PortAventura, Tarragona, Spain

PortAventura are expanding their Asian themed area in 2014 with the world's longest Splash Battle water ride. The ride duration will be an arm-aching 10 minutes long!

The epic ride will be called Angkor (or Angkor - Aventura en el Reino Perdido (Lost Kingdom Adventure) to give it the full title) and will be 300 metres (984 ft) long. The name and theme is inspired by the ancient temples in Cambodia. Riders sail along a scenic water way using hand-powered water guns to shoot targets and other riders.

The ride is manufactured by Mack Rides from Germany. Angkor opens on 11th April 2014.

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Tayto Park, County Meath, Ireland

After years of virtually zero extreme theme park activity on the Emerald Isle, Tayto Park, which is 29 km (18 miles) north of Dublin, is to submit planning permission for the "largest wooden coaster in the UK and Ireland" which it hopes will be the in the "top 5 most exciting coasters in Europe." Sounds great!

The coaster will be designed The Gravity Group. Although the plans have yet to be finalised, the park say it will be 32m (105 ft) high, between 1.1-1.4 km (3609-4593 ft) long and have a top speed just under 100kph (62mph). Planning permission will be submitted at the end of January 2014 and, if granted, the currently unnamed rollercoaster will open before Easter 2015.

Tayto Park logo. ©Tayto Park

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Drayton Manor Park have officially announced their new attraction for 2014.

Due to open in the summer time, the ride is a Zamperla Air Race and features "accelerations of almost 4G" for the riders. 

There are twenty four riders at a time, with four people in one of the six aeroplanes. So expect a few queues when it's busy.

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NoLimits 2!

Since sometime back in 2008 enthusiats have been waiting for an update to the NoLimits roller coaster simulation software.  NoLimits 1.0 was released in 2001, with updates coming slowly over the years, until 2011 when the development team turned all their attention to making the new package.  NoLimits has been used for years by enthusiasts and theme parks to show off new concepts, new coasters, creative ideas and building skill.  NoLimits is a cross-over between game and simulator, with accurate physics and details as well as the ability to let the users do whatever they want.  Hence the name NoLimits!

With over 35 different coaster types, from old style four-seat-trailered wooden coasters to 4D and flying coasters, NoLimits 2 will be sure to give enthusiasts plenty to get stuck into.  NoLimit's editor has also seen big changes, with more versitile and capable controls, meaning users will be able to realise their wildest coasters.

NoLimits 2 has been released in two versions.  The Standard version ($45.99) is desinged for most users, and the Professional version ($99.99) is designed for those users needing more output and display possibilites (such as parks showcasing new coasters).  Either way, there are going to be some very exciting and interesting coasters built with this new package, and the community can't wait to get started!

In the gallery below are a selection of screenshots from the new game.  The tracks were all created by the NoLimits Development Team (and come packaged with the software) and the images were taken and donated by members of CoasterForce.

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Tis the season!

The Mitch Hawker Online Poll is back for the 2013 season, and is now accepting ballots for the Wooden Coaster Poll.  Ballots will be accepted through January 24, and can even be filled out through an easy drag-and-drop ballot creator.

The Mitch Hawker Online Polls are often considered one of the better roller coaster polls, as entries are accepted from all roller coaster enthusiasts.  This allows for a wider group of entries, as well as a good opportunity to personally rank your favorites!


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Hansa Park, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hansa Park have announced that their new ride for 2015 will be a hyper coaster (a coaster over 200ft/61mtrs tall). Kärnan will be the parks tallest rollercoaster and most expensive investment to date.

Construction will be begin later this year with a "groundbreaking ceremony" and will take 18 months to complete. Hansa Park deliberately want to keep people guessing about the finer details, therefore they have not released any further information...standby for a viral marketing campaign full of hype(r)!

Kärnan, new for 2015 hyper coaster at Hansa Park, Germany.

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