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Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Helix, the new rollercoaster for Liseberg, opened about a week ago. CF member Andrus visited on the press day and recorded this special video interview with the parks CEO, Andreas Andersen.

In the video, Andersen, who is also a theme park enthusiast, talks about Helix's design and future plans. The park is rightfully proud of their new coaster This video shows it wasn't just built with steel and concrete, but also has a huge dollop of love thrown in, too!

Helix interacts for nearly 2 mins with the terrain and existing attractions. The Mack mega-coaster has 2 launches, 7 inversions, a top speed of 62mph (100 kph) and is nearly 1 mile (1.3 km) long. Front seat POVs of Helix can be seen on the CF YouTube channel. Read Andrus' full report and review by clicking the link below.

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Nigloland, Champagne-Ardenne, France

At at cost of €8m, Nigloland have recently opened their most ambitious rollercoaster to date.

Alpina Blitz reaches a top of speed of 52 mph (83 kph) as it glides around 2,359 ft (719 mtrs) of twisting track with overbanked turns and airtime hills.

CoasterForce team member Peep recently visited Nigloland and grabbed a word with the rides project manger, Rodolphe Gelis. In the interview, Gelis explains why they opted for a Mack mega-coaster and how it will change the outlook of the park. The video interview is embedded to the right.

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Kings Island, Ohio USA

Kings Island opened for the 2014 season this weekend, bringing with it the much anticipated debut of Banshee.  The longest inverted roller coaster in the world, Banshee reaches speeds of 68 MPH while inverting seven times.

CoasterForce's own EastCoasterGeneral was able to attend the park's media day for the new roller coaster.  You can view his ridercam, as well as an official POV for the ride.  You can read his full report on the CF Forums. 

You can also read about the "roller coaster enthusiast" experience during the Banshee Media Day from one of CF's members on the Forums.

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Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Three launches, seven inversions, top speed of 62mph (100 kph), nearly 1 mile (1 km) long...at last, a front seat POV of one of 2014's most eagerly anticipated coaster is now available to view!

Helix opens on 26th April but to whet your appite even further, check out the link below to see construction photos of the station and the all-important g-force graphs.

Liseberg is a short journey from Göteborg Landvetter International Airport so after watching the POV, why not book a flight and ride this bad boy?


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Expedition GeForce has worked its magic another year, securing the #1 spot in the annual Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll for the second year in a row.  A consistent top three contender since its debut in 2001, this is Expedition GeForce's sixth time as the top dog.

New Texas Giant debuted at third in last year's poll, but was able to rise to second place, falling to Expedition GeForce by one voter ballot.  Such a close finish to the number one spot lands an impressive finish for new-kid-on-the-block Rocky Mountain Construction, with NTG being their first major roller coaster creation.

Expeidition GeForce at Holiday Park in Germany

Close behind in third place was Intimidator 305, which has also worked its way up the polls since its opening.  Like Texas Giant, the distance between second and third place was determined by one voter ballot.  This makes for a very close race of the top three, with a vote between each position.

Bizarro however, a former first place contender, has slid to fourth place in this year's poll.  This is the lowest finish for the Intamin mega roller coaster, which has never finished below second place since its opening in 2001.

Fifth place was taken by Hersheypark's Skyrush, which debuted last year at seventh place.  Maverick followed in sixth place, and has also experienced a rise in popularity after place in ninth place last year.

Kawasemi, Shambhala, and Nemesis followed in seventh, eighth, and ninth place respectively.  Nemesis too experienced a resurgance of popularity, after having fallen from the top ten for the first time last year.

Rounding out the top ten was Iron Rattler, the only new steel coaster to break into the top rating.  This marks the second straight year that the top rated new steel coaster is a converted wooden coaster, after New Texas Giant last year.  Looking forward to next year's poll, it will be interesting to see if RMC's latest wooden coaster conversion (Medusa Steel Coaster) will make for a threepeat.

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Universal Studios Hollywood, CA, USA

Universal Studios Hollywood's five year expansion plan is well underway. Following on from the successful modernization of Transformers in 2012 and the new Wizzarding World of Harry Potter area due to open in 2016, the park have announced a new attraction for 2015 - Fast & Furious Superchanged.

Based on the popular film franchise, the hydraulic motion-based ride will tell an original Fast & Furious story using sophisticated hyper-realistic special effects with a state-of-the-art 3D audio system and 3D-HD imagery, projected onto the world’s longest and most expansive 360-degree screen. The adventure will culminate with spectacular action sequences that send guests spiraling through the streets of Los Angeles at perceived speeds in excess of 120mph (193kph).

Fast & Furious ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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