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...I now have a picture of Cedar Point attached to my monitor to remind me why I'm in work at this ungodly hour on a Saturday.
Fun fact: Kansas City Chiefs family owners the Hunts? Also owned Worlds of Fun along the way.
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I remember hearing about the Orient Express episode of Defunctland!
Coaster Count: 72
Top 10: 1. Untamed l 2. Taron l 3. Red Force l 4. Dragon Khan l 5. Wodan l 6. Blue Fire l 7. Goliath (Walibi) l 8. Troy l 9. Furius Baco l 10. Shambhala
New PFP coming. A lot of members are changing their PFP's and I felt like I should do the same.
Alas, this is the last post I will make with my current Wanda pfp.
New PFP coming like right now.
Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster is such a great ride! I wish Six Flags decides to install more of these throughout the chain, and it appears Jersey Devil has already signaled that.