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 Sally Corporation

Since 1977, the Sally Corporation has been producing high quality animatronics and, since 1995, interactive dark rides. The “Great American Dark Ride Company” has become the industry leader in animatronics and dark rides, providing installations in well over 100 locations around the world. 

Long before the shooting dark rides we know today, Sally produced animatronics. As entertainment centers like Chuck E. Cheese opened around the world, they were stocked with animatronic bands as entertainment. Sally offered bands comprised of several animatronic animals, and were able to produce a large number through the 1980s before the fad began to die down.

In the early 1990s, company president John Wood dreamed of a revival to the old dark ride concepts like the classic Tunnel of Love or Old Mill rides proliferated by PTC. The first major move towards this project occurred when John Wood acquired the rights to make a Ghostbusters themed dark ride. While one hasn’t been built yet, the model is still available! In 1992, Sally built Zombie Paradise, a haunted house retheme in an existing building at the Korakuen Park (now Tokyo Dome City) in Tokyo. As a testament to the longevity of Sally’s rides, Zombie Paradise is still running today.

1995 saw the opening of The Great Pistolero Roundup, the first interactive dark ride, where guest shot at targets, competing for a high score. This type of ride met Sally’s goal for an affordable dark ride that the whole family could enjoy. The success was immediate, with the product receiving IAAPA’s Best New Product award in 1995. This theme was followed by several more popular themes including Den of Lost Thieves, North Pole Adventure, and Ghost Blasters. As years passed, the rides became more advanced with improved animatronics and ride systems. New rides like Walibi Belgium’s Challenge of Tutankhamen and Hersheypark’s Reece’s Xtreme Cup Challenge raised the bar for interactive shooting dark rides.

As the decade draws to a close, Sally continues to push the boundaries of dark ride and animatronic technologies. Although it met an unfortunate, untimely end, Hard Rock Park’s Nights in White Satin used black light and 3d effects to create a multi-sensory ride experience. Sally’s list of international clients continues to grow as they produce new rides or upgrade old ones. As technology improves, so do their animatronics, which become more lifelike with every upgrade. 

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Sally Corporation
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