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 Gateshead, New Metroland


New Metroland - RIP

New Metroland (the new was added after a refurb in 1996) managed 20 years as Europe's largest indoor amusement park. It was a fantastic place to let the kids loose while you got on with your shopping at the Metrocentre.

Obviously the world needed another cinema though (even though the Metrocentre already ahd one) and New Metroland closed its doors forever on 20th April 2008.


At the back of the famous "Metro Centre", sits Metroland. Well, this isn't just Metroland, but "New" Metroland. What happened to the old Metroland is a mystery lost in the Earth's distant past...

Built entirely inside, New Metroland offers a great range of rides to keep the kids happy while Mum and Dad get their shopping done in the Metro Centre.

Very much geared towards the younger age group, there are a surprising few rides. The New Rollercoaster; a medium sized, swinging boat ride; and a large "Chair Swing" Wave Swinger ride. The latter brings it's spinning riders surprisingly close the pillars and walls of the ride area.

While maybe not worth going too far out of your way to visit for aday, New Metroland certainly can entertain you and the kids for a couple of hours. It's certainly better than the shopping experience, and much easier on the wallet!

 New Rollercoaster

Oddly just known as "The New Rollercoaster", this great kiddy coaster weaves it way around New Metroland, taking tight helices over the ride infested floor, then disappearing behind a play area and over some fun little bunny hops. The ride starts off high and goes up a short lift hill in a dark and dingy "loft space". Before the final set of bunny hops, the ride climbs yet another lift hill, very odd for a coaster of this size.

And the reason it's the "New" Rollercoaster, even though it's the same one that opened back in 1988? Answers on a postcard please!


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