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 Strata Coaster
a.k.a Sheer Awesome...

In 2003, Cedar Point and Intamin AG were at it again with another phrase to coin: "Strata Coaster". This is a full circuit coaster that reaches a height over 400 feet. That's a long way up. To reach this kind of height it's impractical to use a traditional lift hill, so Strata coasters use a launch section to power the train up to great heights.


 The Original

intaminstrataTop Thrill Dragster

The impact of Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point cannot be understated. Such a monstrous and colossal feat of coaster engineering had never been seen before. Around 100 feet higher than coaster enthusiasts had ever gone before, this ride blew everyone away.

Intamin AG followed Top Thrill Dragster with the taller, faster Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure just two years later.

Video of an Intamin Strata Coaster


intaminfreefall Intamin Reverse Freefall Coaster

Not classed as a Strata Coaster, the Intamin Freefall Coaster launches up a tall, vertical track and then plummets back down on the reverse journey. While the tower and track on these coasters certainly reach over 400 feet, it's not considered a Strata Coaster because it isn't a full circuit coaster.  

Video of an Intamin Reverse Freefall Coaster

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