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 Hyper Coaster
a.k.a Mega Coaster, Speed Coaster, Junior Hyper...

The hyper coaster phrase was coined by Cedar Point and Arrow Development to describe Ron Toomer's Magnum XL-200 - the first continous circuit roller coaster to stand more than 200 feet tall.

Today, the name "Hyper Coaster" or any of its generic variations are used to describe any steel non-inverting out & back or twister roller coaster that stands between 200-299 feet tall and sets out to give riders airtime or big drops.


 The Original

arrowArrow Hypercoaster

The inventors of the hyper coaster, Arrow Dynamics, ironically produce some of the least impressive examples. Whilst Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point is legendary, follow-up rides, such as The Big One at Blackpool and Desperado in Las Vegas, were poor and lacked intensity and/or airtime. Arrow has since merged with S&S following their bankruptcy, and it is unlikely S&S will ressurect these old dogs in the future.


bandm B&M Mega Coaster

Bolliger & Mabillard's Mega Coaster (also called the "Speed Coaster") is a much-loved experience wherever it is installed. Whether it be the tallest coaster in Europe, Silver Star, or the twister-styled Raging Bull in Chicago, the B&M Mega Coaster thrills millions with it's signature floating feel, noise, and smoothness all combined with the thrills of original hyper coasters.  

intamin Intamin Mega Coaster

Widely regarded as the best coasters money can buy. Every single Intamin Mega Coaster pleases the masses with its speed, airtime, and smoothness. The restraints are perfect, the trains are gorgeous, and the track is unique. Any park that gets an Intamin Mega Coaster instantly shoots to the top of most thrillseekers' to-do lists.

giovanolaGiovanola Mega Coaster

Only two hyper coasters were built by B&M's European track designer, Giovanola, now G-Tec. Giovanola, however delivered hyper coasters that were far, far more intense than B&M's. Giovanola's hyper coasters are recognizable with their massive first drops, hammerhead-style turnarounds, and airtime hill, leading up to a mass of twisted and tangled track. The finale of these rides are their final 4G helixes, considered by many to be the most intense helixes in the world. The track layouts of the two Giovanola hypers are identical, with the exception of the second (Titan at Six Flags Over Texas) containing an extra helix. 

togoTogo Hyper Coaster

People often forget that long before B&M's Raging Bull or Giovanola's Goliath/Titan duo, Togo had invented the twisting hyper coaster. Fujiyama, at Fuji-Q highlands, features a compact design that twisted back into itself many times. Togo Hyper Coasters are much-appreciated due to their rarity, despite their roughness.

chancemorganhyperChance-Morgan Hyper Coaster

An often over-looked hyper coaster manufacturer is the former D.H Morgan, now Chance-Morgan Coasters, who built the former world's tallest and current world's longest coaster, Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan (officially a "Giga Coaster"). Morgan Hyper Coasters are very similar to Arrow's, however Morgan's are known to be a lot smoother and usually have better layouts. 



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