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Let's get one thing clear, roller coasters are statistically very, very, very safe. Think about it: Out of the millions of people that ride the thousands of rides every year, there are only a small handful of incidents. You are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents driving to the amusement park than having an accident on a ride. Fact.

Reputable theme parks check all of their rides daily. The coaster track is "walked" and inspected as are all the other important elements, such as winch cables and chains. One slight imperfection could cause an accident, and no theme park wants that to happen. Strict Health & Safety governing bodies also have the power to close a ride, or park, if they are considered unsafe.

Having said all that, theme park accidents still happen...

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June - Tsuname, M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park, UK
Nine children and two adults were hospitalised after all five carriages on the Pinfari-manufactured coaster came off the tracks, plunging roughly 20 feet (6m) to the ground and hitting a child’s car ride, before coming to a rest upside down, leaving riders trapped. Source.
Police with Health and Safety Executives investigate the incident.


January - Boomerang, Fantasilandia, Chile
A cupling failure cause the train to seperate during the backwards portion of the ride. Only minor injuries were reported. Source (in Spanish).

TV News report with on-ride footage of the incident.

April - Flying Saucer, Temple Fair, Xinxiang, China
Nineteen riders were injured, one seriously, when the revolving arm of a giant frisbee ride disconnected from the supporting pillar. Source.
Swing arm on the ground as injured passengers are released.

June - The Smiler, Alton Towers, UK
Four riders were seriously injured when two of the coaster's trains collided into each other. A 17-year-old girl had to have her leg amputated above the left knee and a 20-year-old woman had her leg amputated below the right knee. Source.
Smiler accident
Rescurers free injured riders.

June - Hero, Flamingo Land, Yorkshire, UK
A 15-year-old girl and a woman, 26, were in the queue when a metal foot-rail became detached from the ride and struck the pair. The woman was teated onsite and the teenage girl was sent to hospital with head trauma. Source.

June - Flight Deck, California's Great America, California, USA
A park employee suffered serious injuries attempting to retrieve a mobile phone when he was struck by the coaster and a male passenger, who required surgury to save his little finger. Source.

June - Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain, USA
A 10-year-old girl died in hospital two days after collapsing unconscious in the Revolution station. The girl had just ridden the coaster before falling unconscious and was airlifted to a local hospital. The coroner determined that she had an underlying medical condition and was not injured on the ride. Source.

June - Eclipse, Gröna Lund, Sweden
A man jumped a fence on the starflyer, fell two stories down and hit a woman. The man died from his injuries at the hospital five days later and the woman who was struck only suffered minor injuries. Source (in Swedish).
Onlookers gather around emergency responders, who cleared path to awaiting ambulances.

June - Formosa Water Park, Taipei, Taiwan
More than 500 people were injured in front of the stage at the "Colour Play Asia" event when powder sprayed onto the crowd ignited and seriously injured nearly 200 people with burns up to 40% of their bodies. Source.

August - Raptor, Cedar Point, USA
A 45-year-old man jumped over the fence to retrieve a mobile phone, was struck by the coaster and died. Source.


February - Bandits of Robinhood, Adlabs Imagica, India
A mother and her teenage daughter suffered serious head injuries when the coaster came to a sudden and unexpected stop. Source.

March - Opa, Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Wisconsin, USA
A 63-year-old man fell from the indoor wild mouse coaster and suffered head trauma that left him in a coma at the hospital for three weeks. Poor park maintenance and employee training were cited as the contributing factors for the incident. The coaster was removed and sold shortly thereafter. Source.

July - Ninja, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA
Four riders were injured when a pine tree fell onto the suspended coaster's track and caused the train to derail. Source.
Rescurers assess damage before freeing stranded passengers.

July - Inferno, Terra Mitica, Benidorm, Spain
An 18-year-old man died when he was flung from the rotating coaster seats after the restraints opened during the ride. Source.

 July - Skyhawk, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA
Two riders suffered minor injuries on the screaming swing when a cable snapped and came in contact with the two park guests. Source.

July - Star Flyer, T In The Park Festival, Balado, UK
The ride was emergency stopped by operators. The sudden stop appears to have been the source of the reported injuries and 15 people were treated on site for minor injuries. One other was transferred to hospital, but was later released. Source.

August - Joker's Jinx, Six Flags America, Maryland, USA
The coaster valleyed stranding 24 passengers for five hours. The riders were given umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. Some suffered from dehydration, but there were no major injuries. Source.
Rescurers free stranded passengers.

August - Spinning Barrels, Holiday Park, Germany
An 11-year-old girl fell onto the ride platform and was crushed to death. Source.

September - The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley, UK
The coaster struck and decapitated a deer near the track covering riders in blood. No one was injured. Source.

October - Grand National, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK
A 58-year-old man was left paralysed after breaking his neck during a ride on the historic wooden coaster. Source.

December - Sky Ride, Winter Wonderland, Cardiff, UK
High winds caused the seats on this travelling Star Flyer type ride to crash into each other. Nobody was hurt in the incident. Source.


April - Space Coaster, Wonder Land, Japan
A 6-year-old boy was thrown from the ride, after his seatbelt came undone, suffering a fractured rib. Source

May - Rotor, Parque de Attractiones, Madrid, Spain
A worker from Huss was crushed to death between a beam and a counterweight whilst carrying out maintenance work at the top of the ride's tower. Source.

May - Frisbee, Travelling Fair, Toowoomba, Australia
A 5-year-old boy was thrown 10m from the ride at a school fete, suffering serious head injuries. Source

May - Wild Bill's Runaway Train, Adventure Wonderland, UK
At least two children sustained head injuries after the emergency brakes triggered, bringing the ride to a sudden hault. Source

June - X-Scream, Travelling Fair, St Neots, UK
Ten riders suffered minor injuries, and another a suspected fractured ankle after the ride collapsed. Source.

June - Rameses Revenge, Chessington World of Adventures, UK
The fire service had to cut 39 people free from the ride after it became stuck in mid-air. No injuries were sustained. Source.
Rescurers free stranded passengers.

June - Crazy Mouse, Red River Ex, Winnipeg, Canada
A 16-year-old boy was struck by a ride car, sustaining serious injuries, after entering a restricted area to retrieve his hat. Source.

June - Skyloop, World Joyland, China
Eleven riders were stuck for two hours as the ride got stuck on the lift hill. The riders were rescued by fire crews, and no injuries were sustained. Source.  

June - Tranan, Skara Sommarland, Sweden
A car failed to stop at the end of the ride, colliding with a stationary car in the station. Source

July - Tagada, Travelling Funfair, Doncaster, UK
A woman was thrown from her seat, landing on her head in the middle of the ride mid-cycle. She initially felt fine, but in the days following the incident was found to have broken her neck. Source

July - Shoot The Rapids, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA
A boat rolled back down the first list hill and flipped over at the bottom. Seven people were on board, but none suffered major injuries. Source.

July - New Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas, Texas, USA
A woman was killed as she was ejected from the train mid-ride.  Source.

Emergency services at the scene.

August - Big Wheel, Independence Park, Rosario, Argentina
Two girls were killed and at least seven other people injured when one of the ride's gondolas became detached, falling nearly 100 feet. Source.

September - Zumur,
Oyster Festival, Connecticut, USA
Eighteen people were hurt when a swing ride at the Norwalk Oyster Festival suddenly stopped, slamming riders into each other. Source.

October - Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, USA
Twelve passengers were stuck on the coaster's vertical lift hill for hours when a computer glitch halted the train in its tracks. Source.
Rescurers hoist coaster to top of lift hill before evacuating passengers

October - Vortex, State Fair, North Carolina, USA
Five people were injured, two seriously, when a pendulum-swing thrill ride at the North Carolina State Fair jolted back to a start as riders were getting off. Source.

October -
Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland Paris, France
A 5-year-old boy was seriously injured when he was crushed by a boat after falling out of the ride. Source.

November - The Smiler, Alton Towers, UK
Four riders on the multi-looping coaster were hit by the car's guide wheels, but no one was seriously injured. Source.


January - Van Huong Mai Amusement Park, Chau Phu, Vietnam
Five people were injured when the drop tower ride suffered a "technical fault" and fell to the ground. Source.

Photo by Nguoi Lao Dong
Photo of the drop tower covered with netting following the accident.

February - La Tour Eiffel, Hopi Hari, Brazil
A 14-year-old girl fell 98 feet to her death when her restraint opened at the moment the brakes were applied. The seat should have been marked "out of order". Source.

April - Commander, Traveling Fair, Bremen, Germany
Two passengers were injured
when an gondola ripped from its swing arm. A similar accident happened in May 2010, injuring nine on-lookers. This time a cable prevented the gondola from leaving the ride platform. Source (in German).
Police examine accident scene.

June - Pollydrop, Adventure Wonderland, UK
The main cable on the drop tower ride snapped whilst the ride car was 3/4 of the way up. The back-up cable activated, meaning the three riders escaped with only minor injuries. Source.   

June - Tomb Blaster, Chessington World of Adventures, UK
A 4-year-old girl was seriously injured when she when she fell 14 feet (4.2m) from the raised, fenced queue line section. Source.

June - Ladybird Coaster, Lightwater Valley, UK
A 5-year-old girl suffered ankle damage after she stuck her foot outside of the train. The ride has since been modified with higher sides to the trains. Source.

July - Vampire, Six Flags La Ronde, Québec, Canada
A maintenance worker was struck by a moving train and killed instantly when he entered a restricted area. Source.
Polcie at the scene. © Dave Sidaway, The Montreal Gazette 2012
Emergency services at the scene. 

July - Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ, USA
A man suffered neck and face injuries when a bird flew into his face whilst on the ride. Source.

July - Trafikplasten, Furuviksparken, Sweden
A 31-year-old man
was hospitalized with blood poisoning and internal injuries after he boarded the kiddie car ride in an attempt to assist his daughter and his rectum became impaled on a tow hitch that protruded from behind the vehicle. Source.
Photo of ride vehicle with tow hitch (which have since been removed).

July - Mega Bounce Frog, Travelling Fair, Leicester, UK 
A ride car came loose, throwing out one of its 16 year old passenger, and leaving the other hanging precariously. The boy remaining in the car was injured by safety barriers as the ride continued to turn. He was treated in intensive care for extensive injuries including a collapsed lung. The boy who was thrown from the ride suffered injuries including a broken nose. Source.

September - Jet Coaster, Dreamland, Koriyama, Japan
An employee suffered fatal injuries after becoming pinned underneath the front car of the coaster's train.

September - Windseeker, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA
circular swing ride stalled, leaving 20 people stranded 300 feet in the air for nearly four hours. No one was injured, but the evacuation, which took three hours and forty minutes, is one of the longest on record for any amusement ride. Two weeks earlier the same ride stalled and left 15 people stranded for about three hours and in July, Windseeker at Carowinds near Charlotte, North Carolina stalled and left 25 riders stranded hundreds of feet in the air for nearly three hours. In June, the same ride at Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio left 29 riders stranded 150 feet in the air for more than an hour when it stalled. All six of the Windseeker rides operating at parks throughout the Cedar Fair chain were ordered closed for the rest of the season. Source.

October - Top Buzz 2, Goose Fair, Nottingham, UK
A woman stood watching the ride was hit on the head by a falling handrail. She required stitches in her head and suffered back and shoulder pain. Source

November - Hollowell Steam Rally and Heavy Horse Show, Northampton, UK
A 9-year-old girl was hospitalized with internal injuries after she was ejected from a whirling amusement ride and thrown 15 feet into a metal fence. Source.

November - Fun Factory, Louisiana State Fair, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
A 20-year-old woman was thrown 20 feet from the KMG whirling ride and suffered broken bones as well as internal injuries. Source.


January - Maihime, Tokyo Dome City, Japan
A 34-year-old man died when he was ejected from the ride. Source.

March - Primeval Whirl, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida, USA
A worker died when we was struck by a moving car whilst carrying out maintenance. Source.

April - Python Pit, Go Bananas, Chicago, USA
A 3-year-old boy died after falling from a kiddie coaster. Source.

April - Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris, France
Scenery from the ride fell on the track causing the train to derail. Five people were injured. Source.

May - Black Mamba, Phantasialand, Brühl, Germany
A 48-year-old man suffered a heart attack mid-ride and was dead when the train returned to the station. Source.

June - Dragon, Legoland Windsor, UK
A worker fell from an unsecured walkway whilst performing maintenence on the ride, breaking his shoulder and several ribs. Source

June - WildCat, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA
Seven people suffered bumps and bruises when the trains collided in the station. Source.

July - High Roller, Lostock Hall Carnival, UK
A girl suffered serious injuries including a fractured pelvis when she was thrown from the end seat of the ride. The owner was found to be at fault, after not adhering to a safety notice to close or modify the end seats. Source.

July - Ride of Steel, Darien Lake, New York, USA
A 29-year-old fell out of the ride and died. The rider was a war veteran and double leg amputee. Source.

August - Excalibur II, Camelot, Lancashire, UK
A 12-year-old boy suffered serious but not life threatening injuries when he fell from the ride. Source.

August - Surf Rider, Bottons, Lincolnshire, UK
Twenty-two riders were stuck for up to an hour when one of the rides axles snapped. One woman suffered serious injuries. Source.
Bottons accident ©CRAIG DISLEY

August - Dragon Challenge, Islands of Adventure, Florida, USA
A man riding on the front row of of one of the two Dragon Challenge coasters was hit in the eye by a mystery object, presumed to be a loose article dropped by a rider on the other side of the roller coaster. Source.

August - Dragon Challenge, Islands of Adventure, Florida, USA
Only weeks later, another rider was hit by a mystery object on the ride. This time they reported being hit in the foot, arm and face which drew blood. Following the two incidents, Dragon Challenge will never duel again. Source.

October - River Rapids, West Park, Wenzhou, China
A 10-year-old boy died after falling out of a river rapids boat and becoming trapped in the conveyor which lifts the boats back to the station. Source.


March - Tomorrowland Speedway, Walt Disney World, Florida, USA
A worker broke his leg when a rider crashed a go-kart. Source.
April - Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park, Germany
Riders were stranded for several hours after the train derailed. No serious injuries were reported. Source (in German).

May - Antelope, Gullivers Warrington, Cheshire, UK
A woman suffered whiplash injuries when the ride came to a halt. Source.

May - Crazy Frog, Travelling Fair, Barnard Castle, UK
A fair worker sustained serious injuries, including a fractured skull and eye socket, after being thrown from the ride.  Colleagues had failed to ensure that he was properly restrained in the ride. Source

May - Commander, Traveling Fair, Lüdenscheid, Germany
Ten people were injured, two seriously, when an empty gondola ripped from its swing arm and flew into the crowd of on-lookers. Source (in German).

June - Monte Aurora, Terra Encantada, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
A 61-year-old woman fell 30ft to her death after the restraints opened mid-ride.

July - El Pendulo, Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain
A 15-year-old girl died and two others were injured when the ride collapsed. Source.

July - Space Journey, Overseas Chinese Town East, Shenzhen, China
Six people died when one of the ride pods detached itself from the ride. Source.

July - Cosmonaut, Luna Park, St. Petersburg, Russia
One of the two cables supporting a "captive flying machine" style ride snapped leaving 10 riders dangling in mid-air.

July - Miami Trip, York Carnival, UK
A 13-year-old girl fell 10m onto concrete after ride operators failed to properly secure her restraint. She did not suffer any serious injuries. Source.  

July - Terminal Velocity, Extreme World, Wisconsin, USA
A 12-year-old girl suffered brain swelling, multiple severe spinal and pelvic fractures and intestinal lacerations after falling about 100 feet to the ground from the SCAD (suspended catch air device) tower. An employee released the girl for the free fall without confirming that the saftey net that was supposed to catch her was operational. Source.

August - Tower of Terror, Disneyland, California, USA

A drunk 20-year-old man was slightly injured when the fell 20 feet whilst messing around. Source.

October - It's A Small World, Disneyland Paris, France
A worker was trapped under a boat when the ride inadvertently started. He later died in hospital. Source.

October - Pony Express, Knott's Berry Farm, California, USA
Two trains collided causing 10 people to suffer minor injuries.

Novemeber - The Octopus, Adhari Park, Bahrain
A girl fell from the ride breaking her leg. Source.

December - Thunder Dolphin, La Qua, Tokyo, Japan
A 9-year-old girl was injured when a 25cm long bolt fell from the coaster. 


April - DJ Jump, Travelling Funfair, UK
An 11-year-old girl was throw from the ride after the restraint opened, suffering a large head wound. The seat belt that could have prevented the incident was so poorly maintained as to be unusable. Source.

May - Tomahawk, PortAventura, Spain
A 55-year-old worker died when he was run over by the coaster train. Source.

May - Go Gator, Travelling Funfair, UK
A 2-year-old was killed in an accident on the kiddie coaster. Source.  

June - Holiday World, Indiana, USA
A filter pump malfunction in a water ride caused fumes that sent 42 people to a hospital with breathing troubles.

July - Dueling Dragons, Islands of Adventure, Florida, USA
A worker was hit by an oncoming train. He survived and the park ended up being fined. Source.

July - Monorail, Disney World, Florida, USA
Two trains collided head on killing one of the drivers and inuring several others. Source. The video below contains distressing images.

August - Firehawk, Kings Island, Ohio, USA
A man died from an undiagnosed medical condition after riding the coaster.

August - Formule 1, Parc Saint Paul, France
A 35-year-old woman died of a heart attack after being ejected from a car and falling 16 feet to the ground. Source (in French).

August - Big Dipper, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, UK
Two coaster trains collided inuring 21 people. Source.

September - Xcelerator, Knott's Berry Farm, California, USA
The launch cable (the part that makes the train move fast) snapped inuring two people. Here you can see a video of it! (Don't worry, it's not  gruesome.)

January - Titan V, Space World, Japan
Thirteen riders were injured when the train stopped abruptly. Source.

January - Queensland Amusement Park, Poonamallee, India
An 11-year-old girl died when two boats collided. Staff were arrested for negligence.
February - Kilimanjaro Safari, Disney's Animal Kingdom, USA
Several people were injured when the car caught fire.
March - Family Swinger, Family Ai Land, Nagakute, Japan
The ceiling of a chair swing ride collapsed killing a worker. Source. 
March - Motion Master, Flamingoland, UK
A 2-year-old boy fell through a hole in the ride's floor onto concrete 8 feet below. He suffered only minor injuries. Source.
May - Wildcat, Cedar Point, Ohio, USA
Two cars collided resulting in nine riders being injured. 
June - Batman, Six Flags Over Georgia, USA
A 17-year-old was decapitated when he entered a restricted area to retrieve his baseball cap. Source.
July - Tagada, Travelling Funfair, Silverstone, UK
Two riders were thrown from the ride when the seating collapsed. Both suffered back injuries and bruising. Source
July - Cobra, Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, Denmark
Four people were injured when the inverted coaster's car derailed and fell to the ground. Source.
July - Star Jet, Casino Pier, Jersey Shore, USA
A worker was struck by a car while attempting to retrieve a lost hat, and died later in hospital. Source. 
July - Rainbow, Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
This Rainbow ride collapsed, causing some riders to be thrown from the platform. There were no serious injuries, although three riders were hospitalised. The ride was later removed. Source.

October - Ninja, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA
A 20-year-old man was hit by the coaster when he entered a restricted area, climbing two fences to retrieve a lost hat. He was treated at the scene by park first-aid, then air-lifted to hospital in comatose condition and pronounced dead the next day. Source.

October - Inverter, State Fair, Columbia, South Carolina, USA

A worker was crushed by the large counter weight attached to the ride when he entered a danger zone at the bottom of the ride in an attempt to retrieve a tape measure.

Novenber - Crush's Coaser, Disneyland Paris, France
A 21-year old man suffered serious head injuries after falling 23 feet from the spinning ride. Source (in French).


April - X-treme Racers, Legoland Billund, Denmark
A 21-year-old male employee died after being struck by a coaster train when retrieving a guest's wallet from behind a restricted area security fence.

May - Fujin Raijin II, Expoland, Osaka, Japan
One woman died and 21 were injured when the ride broke from it's axle and jumped the track.
Image fromFox News report

June - Typhoon, PowerPark, Alahärmä, Finland
A 24-year-old ride operator walked into the path of the giant rotating pendulum swinging ride and died. Park officials said the woman was trying to retrieve shoes that a passenge had left on the platform.

June - Superman Tower of Power, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville, USA
A 13-yearold girl lost her feet when the cable snapped on this drop tower ride. Source

June - Rock 'n Rollercoaster, Disneyland Paris, France
A Spanish teenager fell unconscious and died. Cause of death was an unknown medical condition.

July - The Rat, Loudoun Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland
An 18-year-old worker fell 80 feet and sustained horrific injuries whilst working on the ride.

July - Air Glory, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
A 16-year-old died in hospital after falling from the Skycoaster-style ride.

July - Python, Eftelin, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Workers narrowly avoided injury as they assist a stalled train that suddenly started to move. (Watch for the quick reactions of the riders!)

August - Octupus, Six Flags America, USA
A 4-year-old girl fell four foot from the ride when she stood up, sustaining minor injuries.   

August - Polar Express, Coney Island, NY, USA

A 15-year-old girl was thrown from the circular ride and sustained injuries from rolling down a hill.

August - Booster, Fete des Loges, Paris, France
A gondola broke loose from the swinging arm and crashed to the ground. A father and son were killed instantly, while another two people were seriously injured. Source

October - Indiana Log ride, Siam Park City, Thailand
One woman was killed and five injured when a faulty water pump failed to cushion the boat's decent from a drop. Source.

November - Hellraiser, Travelling Funfair, Suffolk, UK
Several cars came loose and crashed into eachother. 2 people had to be cut free by firefighters. Several others were injured, including a 24 year old woman who suffered broken ribs and spinal damage. Source.


March - Atlantis Adventure, Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea
A 28-year-old ride op fell to his death after riding under the influence of alcohol and not securing the restraint properly.

May - Orbiter, Moxley Park Fairground, UK
Two women suffered neck and back injuries, leaving one of them permenantly disabled, after the part of the ride they were in became detached. Source.  

May - Train, Gullivers Milton Keynes, UK
A 56-year-old worker died after his head struck a tunnel that the train enters.

May - Wild Thing, Valleyfair, Shakopee, Minnesota, USA
Eighteen riders suffered minor injuries when the train derailed. Source

June - Rock n Rollercoaster, Disney-MGM Studios, CA, USA

A 12-year-old boy died due to an undiagnosed medical condition brought on by the roller coaster. Source.

July - Runaway Mine Train, Alton Towers, UK
Twenty-nine people were injured when the train separated and crashed into each other. Source.

July - Gwazi, Busch Gardens Tampa, FL, USA
A 52-year-old man who complained that he felt sick after riding the coaster died about two hours later in a hospital. Source.


March - Storybook Land Canal, Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA
A young boy lost the top of his thumb after trapping it between the boat and the station.

May - Bob Express, Bobbejaanland, Brussels, Belgium
Twenty-five people suffered minor injuries after two trains collided following an emergency stop!

June - Rita: Queen of Speed, Alton Towers, Staffs, UK

A 12-year-old girl claimed that the force of the ride broke both her wrists. Source.

July - California Screamin' , Disneyland, California, USA
Two trains collided after a train entering the station failed to stop in the brake run.

August - Lady Bug Coaster, Adventureland, Farmingdale, New York, USA

A ride op died from severe injuries after being struck by an empty train.


January - Men In Black, Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, USA
A boy seriously injured his foot after he kept sticking it outside the car.

February - Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
A worker was killed when he was struck by a float from the parade.

April - Scream, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA
A female employee was struck by a train as she crossed the track in a restricted area.

April - Hydro, Oakwood, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK
A 16-year-old girl died after falling 100 feet due to to rider error and, to some extent, inappropriate restraints. Source

May - Superman Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England, Agawam, Massachusetts, USA
A 55-year-old man was ejected from the ride mid-ride and died from severe injuries.

June - Magnum Force, Flamingoland, Yorkshire, England, UK
A 32-year-old ride op was airlifted to hospital after stepping in front of a moving train. Source

July - Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA
Four riders were injured by flying debris when the launch cable snapped.


July - Joker's Jukebox, Six Flags New Orleans, USA
A 53-year-old woman was killed when she was struck by the ride after leaning over the guard rails to check her grandsons safety belt.

July - Two Face, Six Flag America, Maryland, USA

An electrical failure stranded passengers on the lift hill. No injuries. You can watch footage of this here!

August - Steel Dragon, Nagashima Spaland, Nagashima, Japan
Two riders were injured when the train derailed following a wheel coming loose.


May - Batman The Ride, Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta, USA
A 56-year-old employee was killed when he was in a restricted area beneath the train. He was struck by a riders foot.

May - Rainbow Ride, Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA
A man fell to his death after unfastening his seat belt mid-ride. 

May - Nemesis, Alton Towers, Staffs, England, UK
A young boy was struck by the train after he entered a restricted area. He suffered head injuries.

May - The Whip, Kennywood, Pennsylvania, USA
The ride building collapsed during a storm killing a 30 year old woman and injuring numerous others. Source.


May - Grand Canyon, Phantasialand, Bruehl, Germany
Sixty-three people were injured following a fire suspected to have started by a faulty cable.

May - Birdmen, Fujikyu Highland, Fujiyoshida, Japan
Two people were injured when one of the flying trains derailed.

June - Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce, Connecticut, USA
A 23-year-old working was killed when he was stuck by a train in the morning's test run.

June - Tree Top Twister, Lightwayer Valley, England, UK
A 20-year-old woman died and three others were injured when two trains collided.

June - Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA
A 28-year-old woman died of a brain aneurysm while riding the Gianvanola hyper coaster. Source

August - Superman Ride of Steel, Six Flags New England, Massachusetts, USA
Twenty-two people were injured when two trains collided in the station.

September - Perlious Plunge, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA
A 40-year-old woman fell 100ft to her death after not sitting correctly and poor safety checks beforehand.

October - Beast, Paramount's Kings Island, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Two trains collided in wet weather injuring 20 people.

October - Guantlet, Camelot, Lancashire, UK
A 59-year-old worker was killed when he was struck by a train.


May - Batman Knight Flight, Six Flags Ohio, Aurora, Ohio, USA
A 17-year-old ride op was injured when this floorless coaster's loading platform moved out from under her.

June - X:\No Way Out, Thrope Park, England, UK
An 11-year-old boy was flung from the ride and escaped with slight injuries. Cause of accident unknown.

June - Zach's Zoomer, Michigan's Adventure, Muskegon, Michigan, USA
A 38-year-old woman was killed when she fell out mid-ride after turning round to photograph her family.

July - Space Invader, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, England, UK
An 11-year-old boy died after falling from this enclosed roller coaster.

August - Pepsi Max Big One, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, England, UK
Fourteen people were injured when a moving train collided with a stationery train. Source

November - Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
A 37-year-old man was struck by another boat and died later in hospital after he left his boat mid-ride.


March - Roaring Rapids, Six Flags Over Texas, Texas, USA
One woman drowned and 10 others were injured when a boat capsized trapping passengers underneath.

April - Thunder Road, Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Seven people were injured after two trains collided following a brake failure.

May - Superman: Ride of Steel, Six Flags Darien Lake, New York, USA
A man suffered slight injuries when he was ejected mid ride.

June - Super Himalaya, Coney Island, New York, USA
A 17-year-old woman was killed and 8 others were injured when a train left the track, flipped and fell 15ft.

July - Thunder Bolt, Kennywood, Pennsylvania, USA
35 people were injured when two trains collided.

August - Tornado, Lake Compounce, Connecticut, USA
A 16-year-old employee got caught from the waist down underneath a train and died in hospital from his injuries.

August - Drop Zone Stunt Tower, Paramount's Great America, Santa Clara, California, USA
A 12-year-old boy fell out of this 224ft tower ride. The exact cause of boy's fall and subsequent death is unknown.

August - Boomerang, Six Flags Marine World, San Fransisco, CA, USA
Riders were stranded in 100 degrees Fahrenheit heat when the ride malfunctioned due to technical problems.


August - Paul Bunyan Log Chute, Knott's Camp Snoopy, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
A 12-year-old boy fell about 35ft after grabbing a railing on a fixed part of the ride.

August - Screaming Yellow Eagle, Knott's Camp Snoopy, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
An 8-year-old girl with heart problems died of a heart attack.

September - Top Gun, Paramount's Great America, Santa Clara, California, USA
A 24-year-old man died after entering a restricted area beneath the ride and being struck by a riders foot.

September - Tower of Terror, Disney MGM Studios, Orlando, Florida, USA
20 people were taken to hospital after the lift car malfunctions. Emergency stopping procedures prevented any deaths.

December - Columbia, Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA
A 33-year-old man died and two women sustained injuries from a flying piece of metal which broke away.


April - Wildcat, Bell's Amusement Park, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
One person died and five others were injured when two trains collided following a mechanical failure.

July - Stampida, PortAventura Park, Salou, Spain
A 32-year-old man died after he was thrown from the coaster on the first curve without his lap bar opening. Source (in Spanish).

August - Excaliber, Six Flags Astroworld, Houston, Texas, USA
A 51-year-old employee dies when he's struck by a train during testing.


May - Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA
A 25-year-old employee was hit by a train and killed as he crossed the tracks in the station.

October - Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, USA
A 56-year-old employee died when he was caught between two steam train cars.


June - Timber Wolf, Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
A 14-year-old girl died after falling 25ft due to sitting incorrectly when the ride was in motion.

August - Great Nor'Easter, Morey's Pier, Wildwood, New Jersey, USA
A 36-year-old park employee died after being struck by the foot of a passenger traveling overhead.


June - Kings Island, Ohio, USA
Two men died in a pond after being electrocuted trying to save another man.

July - Ferris Wheel, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
A 17-year-old man died after a Ferris wheel gondola breaks free caused by the occupants rocking it.


July - Log Flume, Great America, Santa Clara, California, USA
A 9-year-old boy tried to exit the boat as it was mid-ride, causing him to get stuck under the boat.


August - Cyclone, Astroland, Coney Island, New York, USA
A park employee stood up on the first drop and fell 30 feet to his death.

September - Dragon, Playland, Rye, New York, USA
An 8-year-old girl choked to death when chewing gum became lodged at the back of her throat.


June - Lightnin' Loops, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, USA
Negligent ride ops caused a 19 year old woman to fell to her death after the restraints were not checked properly.


June - Mindbender, Galaxyland, Canada
A wheel sheered off the last car on the train of this Schwarzkopf Triple Looper and the train smashed at high speed into a concrete pillar killing three of the riders. Source.

August - Comet, Lincoln Park, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA
A 27 year old employee died after falling out.


May - Cyclone, Astroland, Coney Island, New York, USA
A 29-year-old man stands up during the ride and WHACK! Head hits a support. Family attend funeral.


January - Matterhorn Bobsleds, Disneyland, California, USA
Due to a seat belt malfunction, a woman died when she fell out of the train and into the path of another one.

May - Haunted Castle, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson Township, New Jersey, USA
Eight teenagers died in a fire caused by a cigarette lighter igniting the themeing. The lighter was being used after the attractions main lights failed.

July - Rail Blazer, Six Flags Over Mid-America, Missouri, USA
A woman falls out mid-ride and plunges 20 feet to her death. The exact cause is unknown.


August - Rolling Thunder, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, USA
A 20-year-old employee died during testing after not securing his restraint properly.


March - Willard's Whizzer, Marriott's Great America, Santa Clara, California, USA
A 13-year-old boy was killed as he boarded a train. Another train coming from behind struck him.

July - Fire In The Hole, Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri, USA
A 23-year-old man struck his head on a low overhang and died when the train was accidently switched into the service area for the coaster. Source.


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