26 Oct, 16
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Ripsaw is an extreme head rush that really gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping. With 'jolty' spins, rustic looks and un-easing noises, Ripsaw fits perfectly into its surroundings and location.



Type:  Top Spin
Manufacturer:  Huss
Opened:  1997
Height:  50'
No. of Fountains:  35
No. of ride combinations:  15
Wetness Factor:  A good soaking
Inversions:  Controlled "flips" and swooping "loops"
Other:  Diving suit recommended

The rusting look is always a great thing for rides as that provides the fear factor - the fear that the ride could fall apart at any moment.
The build up to the ride's best part is intense and fast. Then, the gondula suddenly slows down and locks into position - and you slowly edge downwards.
At that point, the fountains burst into action and riders get a face full of powerful jets of water, followed by a 'jerky' shake off to really bring your lunch back up.
Ripsaw is the type of ride that no theme park can survive without - not too long, large, or expensive, but intense and thrilling nonetheless.
We strongly suggest that you do not eat before riding!


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