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Get Involved Coaster Games RCT 2 Guide 2 - 8 Cars Hack
 RCT 2 Guide 2 - 8 Cars Trainer

Covered here in guides, written by Brian Andrelczyk (Cedarpoint6), we take you through the basics of improving Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 through Trainers/Hacking.
It is important that you read this guide first before you continue, as it lays the foundation for using the Trainer.

Roller Coaster Tycoon Hacking is done through "Trainers" which alter items in the game to produce an effect not found in playing the game otherwise. Hacking can be done with one of two tools: the 8 Cars per Trainer or the Son of Beast Trainer.

For ease in understanding all the materials, I will be using ja227's 8 Cars per Trainer.

You can download the Trainer here:

Be sure to save it in an easy to find area, like in your "My Documents" folder, or even directly on the desktop. You will need to be able to find it and open it every time you want to hack.

A Problem with 8 Cars:
On some computers, the newest version of 8 cars does not work. Well, most of it works, except for zero clearance, which, after you restore clearances will still keep the game messed up. I believe it happens on Windows XP computers, but there may be more.

The Interface:


Here is a menu-by-menu overview of what 8 cars has to offer.

1. The 'general' section of 8 cars, this area allows options such as owning all land, opening and closing a park (helpful for those with no finances), and adding custom messages to your information panel in RCT.
2. Decide to use money, or not to use it. You can also add or subtract up to 5 million dollars (or whatever you currency is) without penalty.
3. Hate the rain? Here you can make it sunny, hot cold, or whatever. There's also an option to freeze the weather.
4.Several generally unused features in this area, although worth noting is the adjust land mover size, which lets you move very large amounts of tiles at a time.
5. Let's you do many things involving keeping your park clean or keeping guests happy. The speed at which staff moves can also be adjusted.
6. One of the most used sections of 8 cars, this houses the "edit ride stats" menu and other options like any height construction for all rides.
7. Need more guests? Use this to bring in as many guests as you need. You can also decide to remove them all.
8. Here you can remove the floating prices that appear after something is built.
9. The most used menu of the game; this houses zero clearance as well as the ability to remove objects like ducks from the map.

The Edit Ride Stats Interface


This is the Edit Ride Stats Interface, found under the rides menu (Number 6 Above). Please note that those without numbers are features that I don't use. While they may be helpful, I don't find the need to talk about them here.

1. Choose the ride that you wish to hack in this drop down menu.
2. The name of the ride you have selected appears here.
3. Determines the type of track that is used on the ride- helpful with invisible tracked rides.
4. Determines the type of train or vehicle the ride uses. Helpful for custom, or unique rides.
5. Determines the operating mode (such as continuous circuit) that the ride will use.
6. When you initiate a hack, it is usually applied to a certain colour scheme, which can be selected here.
7. Raise or Lower a certain piece of track for a hack.
8. Bury a section of track underground. (Helpful for creating a land tunnel on an operating coaster.)
9. Uncover a certain section of track in a tunnel.
10. If a mode that launches the ride is selected, this determines that speed.
11. The speed used for the lift hill chain- helpful in making realistic launched coasters.
12. Determines how far up or down a selected section of track will be raised/lowered.
13. Initiates the action AND exits the menu.
14. Initiated the action.
15. Exits the menu.

Remember, the number 1 rule of hacking is to ALWAYS save your work. Hacking is very unpredictable and can sometimes corrupt an entire saved game file. Always save your work before complicated hacks!

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